Who is Robyn "the artist"?

I have known Robyn for almost 20 years now. We met on line in some chat channel and have met many times offline. She loved to talk about art and would get excited as she would tell me of some of her creations. The first time we met she brought along an oil painting she had done while in college. It was a rather impressive piece; a young girl facing away from the viewer with her long hair slightly blowing in the breeze while looking off into the distance. The painting created questions in my mind; who is this young girl, what was she really looking at, what was she really thinking, what was she feeling. I thought to myself, "She's good."

One day while visiting I found her on the computer looking at other people's art. She went to the next picture and I made a snide comment about the piece; I can tell you that was the wrong thing to do. I received a stern lecture informing me I was idiot and I had no clue what I was talking about. She went on the explain, sternly, ok very sternly, how when an artist creates a piece some of what they are expressing is how they perceive things at the moment; including feelings that might be related to their childhood, an incident, a relationship, anger, happiness, or any other of a myriad of factors we could never know. To finish up she said and I quote, "At least they have the guts to express the artist within. You won't even try!"; it was true.

It made me think, a lot. That was the beginning of my real appreciation for art, what was involved, and those that created it. Many years later I received a package from an on line art store. In it was some watercolor paper, a small thing of student paints, and a few brushes; Robyn had struck again! She was spreading art like she always tries to do; only this time it was aimed in my direction. I have been playing with art for about 2 1/2 years now and although Robyn will disagree with me, I am no artist and never will be. That said, it has been an incredible journey filled with delight and even a fair bit of frustration. It has opened my eyes, my heart, and my soul to an even deeper appreciation for art in its many forms and those that create it.

Robyn's Art


Robyn asked me one day how I would describe her art. I replied with one word; Raw. I also tend to see most of her art as Impressionistic in style. Before Robyn sent me that first watercolor set she was working with Colored Pencils and she would send me pictures of what she had created that day. A lot of her pieces were impressionist in style with some of it bordering on surrealism and some bordering on abstract. There was a heavy dose rawness and crudeness in many of her pieces, yet, they drew me in; there was just something about them I really liked and I was having a hard time trying to figure out why. A couple of weeks in and she sent me a picture of a piece she had created that day and it instantly came to me why I liked most of her art so much. She was using color and form to express something; at that point I had no idea what that something was but her work was bold and compelling nonetheless.

Shortly after that she sent me a picture of a piece she had done that day and it was a "creepy" tree; I did not think of it as creepy but other people would post comments and say how creepy the trees were; they were unusual to be sure. They had curly branches coming out from both sides and the branches curled down, under, and around. A few days later the piece she showed me had a couple of the branches curling up, over, and around; I said nothing. It did not take me long and I realized that the "trees" were Her! The curling of the branches, up for a good day and down for a bad day were spot on. Robyn was exposing the very core of her being in her art! That explained why a lot of her art seemed raw and crude at times; she was showing anyone that would "listen" the raw emotions she was experiencing at that very moment. Everything begin to come together in my mind at that point and I went back and looked through the pictures of her art. Needless to say, it blew me away; she was and had been sharing the most intimate part of her very being, the core of her soul, with the whole world! I wondered how many people out there realized what she was doing. I find that very brave. Frankly, I'd be damned if I'd did such a thing as that.

I begin talking up watercolor painting to her when we would talk on the phone and it wasn't long before she went and bought herself some watercolor supplies and the rest, as they say, is history. Although I must admit, she did call me a "scoundrel" for talking up watercolor painting because she has just spent an obscene amount of money on colored pencils. I have since watched with fascination and delight as she has progressed on her journey with watercolors. Many of her pieces still contain a good dose of rawness and/or to a lesser extent the crudeness. That is due in large part to her expansion of how she defines and expresses those emotions and it shows in the level of detail she now uses. That detail can be expressed in anything from the use of non-traditional colors to subtle shifts in color and form. I always look forward to seeing her next creation.


Robyn likes to dabble in many areas of watercolor painting. In particular she seems to like having a touch of spirituality in her art. She loves painting angels and "the heavens". My favorite right now is her outer space, nebulas, galaxies, universes, and the like; they are amazing! When we were talking on the phone the other day I called her a "scoundrel" for being so good at it; she laughed at me. Another area of her watercolor paintings I really love is her Landscapes. Although she will tell you she does not do landscapes, she really does do them and they are really good. Her landscapes are usually bold by use of either color and/or form. I always get excited when she sends me a picture of a new landscape she has done.

So, if you stop by and look through her art, don't be afraid to drop her a line telling her how much you like her art; she would be thrilled. She is, after all, human and us humans like, perhaps even need, to be recognized, to be appreciated and I personally believe her art to be of very good caliber; so if you like her art don't be afraid to tell her so.

C. Moniz