Hidden Treasures Mixed Media Painting by Robyn Harton


Watercolors, acryla gouache, and pigment marker on Yupo Medium, 11" x 14" 9/17/17

No matter what is going on outside yourself, there is always treasure tucked away in the corners of life. For instance, my cat Boots the intern who helped me with this painting. He's quite the little artist, I must say.

Here's a view of the painting in process.

$125 Contact Robyn to arrange payment and purchase.


Just One Flower Watercolor Sketch - NFS by Robyn Harton


QoR watercolors on Millford cold press paper, 5.5" x 5.5", 9/14/2017

Testing the QoRs on the Millford  paper. It was all I had energy for after everything that's been going on now.

In case you hadn't heard it from my CrystalsAndJewelry newsletter, I have sold that site. The gentleman running it is committed to... oh shoot, just read the newsletter if this interests you. heeee I find this both a relief and a sadness. I also believe it will work out well for everyone. The CrystalsAndJewelry list will not be kept much longer. If you wish to stay in touch with my original art and art jewelry, plus whatever else might go with it, join my art newsletter below.

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I'm looking forward to it.