Supermoon Photographic Art Jewelry


Supermoon Photographic Art Jewelry


The moon has meant many things to many people across the globe throughout recorded time. Her charms, literal or jewelry-style are said to bring connection with its cycles, grounding, and moon magic spoken of only in hushed tones.

This gorgeous view of the 2018 super moon was a photo by @DeeGirl825 on Instagram and used with permission. I’m a Cancerian, a moon child, so I could not resist.

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Jewelry is miniaturized photographic art set in sterling silver and crowned with protective glass.

Matched with a light sterling silver chain (styles vary) in your choice of 16", 18" or 24"".

Earrings match the pendant and have hypoallergenic .935 Argentium Silver ear wires.

Hypoallergenic Niobium ear wires may be substituted on request at no additional charge.

* Pendant - one inch with a half inch bail.

* Earrings - approx half inch not including ear wire.