Credit or Debit Card Authorizations and Declined Orders:

In order to see if a credit or debit card passes security checks, an authorization to your card for the amount of the potential order must be run. If the order and card do not pass security checks, the order will be automatically declined by the payment system and will not be finalized

Your bank, however, usually holds the amount in case the order were to be finalized. Once a transaction is declined by the payment system, I do not have the ability to do anything with it. I  can not collect the money because it is declined and will not be finalized.

It is not possible to put the money back since I am not going to get it in the first place. The authorization funds hold will, however, be removed by your bank if the the money is not paid out, which it can not be since the transactions were declined. This happens after the time frame specified by your bank which only your bank can tell you.