Atringwan Nebula Watercolor Painting & Jewelry


Atringwan Nebula Watercolor Painting & Jewelry

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Watercolors on Yupo Medium synthetic paper, 9" x 12", 10/7/17 $75.00

After a hiatus, I needed some stars to bring me back in line mentally. The real Atringwan Nebula exists only in my mind, but the image flowed out onto the paper. The energy of this painting is all about bringing your focus back and enhancing it.

Please note that the price quoted is for the original artwork only.

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About the Jewelry

  • Original art is minaturized

  • Set securely in .925 Sterling Silver setting, 1" with 1/ 2: bail

  • Comes with chain (styles vary)

  • You choose length of chain: 16"k 18", or 24"

  • Earrings (not shown) match the pendant

  • Earrings are approx 1/2" not including ear wire

  • Hypoallergenic ,930 ArgentiumĀ® Silver ear wires

  • Niobium ear wires; request at checkout