Robyn Harton, Artist

"Bringing light and color into a sometimes difficult world."


The short version

About Me: I'm an artist because I can't stop creating things. I'm an insider artist -- BFA from VCU in Crafts-- and outsider artist -- coping with bipolar disorder and PTSD, not to mention not following the art establishment at all so far. Now I just want to make things. To find out what I'm creating at any point in time, visit my site here or my Instagram page ( )

About My Art: "My art is about being human. Emotions, bright and dark. Joy and pain. Raising our eyes to the sky and wondering what or who else might be out there in the cosmos. Spiritual energy in all its many forms, encompassing ritual, myth and magic. And seeing things in abstracted patterns that are meaningful to us, and to us alone. Being human is multifaceted, and so is my art."

The long version: Q&A with Robyn / Gallery of Recent Works / Who is Robyn "the artist"?
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