About Robyn & Her Art


Me & My Art Q&A

“Bringing Light and Color to a sometimes dreary world”

When did you get started making art?

I'm not sure how old I was, but I remember my mother teaching me how to draw people at the kitchen table. My feet didn't reach the floor at the time.

What art forms have you tried?

I have tried so many art forms that my head spins trying to think of them all. Let's start with oils, acrylic, hand-building ceramics, art jewelry, creative writing, glassworking, metalsmithing, tempera, graphite, colored pencil, watercolors, waterbrush markers. calligraphy, "crafts."

Which one is your favorite and why?

It’s toss up between Watercolor and Acrylic painting are my current favorites. It allows for a huge range of technique, experimentation, and emotion. Also, I love to put paint on things.

Which other ones do you like the best and why?


I loved making complex wire art jewelry until my hands just said no. Now other types of jewelry are exciting to me. Oils would be my other favorites because, as I said,  I love to put paint on things. And mixed media, I like that.

What drew you to the different types of art?

I love to try new things and see how I might incorporate them or use them to inform what I'm doing. 

Which one allows you the greatest creativity?

Whichever one I'm doing. Seriously. I don't feel that creativity is tied to any particular medium.

Are there other art forms that you want to try?

I'd love to try acrylic pours, a huge mural, and I'd like to revisit hand-building ceramics. I would love to learn to do stained glass, and learn more about glass blowing and creative writing, as well.

What was your worst art moment?

It was when I was about 7. I made a sculpture of a head out of the red Carolina clay in  the back yard. I could actually tell it was a head. It was a fist and I was thrilled! I took it inside to show my mother, and she said, "Get that dirt out of my kitchen." Nothing has topped that since.

What was your best?

That question is tough because every time I have an "ah ha!" moment, it's the best. Catch me at the moment and I'll have a better answer.

Do you listen to music when you create art? If so, what kind?

I often listen to music when I am creating, even when I'm writing. The type of music varies according to the piece I'm working on and my frame of mind. Some favorites are epic music, soundtracks, pop dance, classic rock, and classical. I also listen to movies, the same one over and over until I have a feeling for every part of that movie.

What really inspires you to be creative? A certain activity? A feeling from within? Discussions with friends or other artists?

All of these things can inspire me. Wikipedia is a big inspiration, as can Deviant Art. My biggest inspiration, though, is that small, still voice within. It guides me constantly.

Why is it that most of your art is so bright?

Color, color, and color! I love color!

You have some dark art. What brought that on?

I sometimes express the darker emotions for all those who can not express their anger, fear, anguish, and other dark emotions.

What do you do in your spare time?

I listen to music. I read voraciously, particularly historical fiction, about Tudor England, science fiction/fantasy. art books and magazines. I spend time with my cats. I watch movies. Nothing all that strange. My real excesses go into making my art.

My cat Boots escaping into the hostas. A five minute adventure.

My cat Boots escaping into the hostas. A five minute adventure.